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    Virginia Chang, Ph.D.
    Certified End -of -Life Doula

    How do you want to live until the very last moment?

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    Virginia Chang, Ph.D.
    Certified End -of -Life Doula

    How do you want to live until the very last moment?

Till The Last : Your Caring End -of -Life Doula

till the last, (idiom) --to the very last possible moment, until something ends or concludes, especially until death

A woman with short hair: Virginia Chang, Ph.D.

How do you want to live until the very last moment?

For those of you who are thinking about or approaching death, remember that you are living till the last moment of life. At Till The Last, we think about how to live well to that very last moment, until death. We are here to support you and your family and loved ones to approach end of life in a positive, meaningful, and affirming way.

Dr. Virginia Chang, founder of Till The Last, is an end-of-life doula serving those who want to prepare for death or are dying from a terminal illness. As an end-of-life doula, she accompanies those in need with a holistic and compassionate approach to death. She provides comfort and care to the dying person and their loved ones, which may include emotional, physical, and informational support. This can range from practical advice on Advance Care Directives to coordination with the professional healthcare team on ongoing care to an exploration of what death means to you and how you want to be remembered.

Those facing death might find themselves all alone or surrounded by loved ones.  A doula can work with family and friends to help fill gaps in care and to tackle tasks that are difficult to face or do.  A doula is there as a companion, to complement and supplement the support network in place or to help establish a needed support system.  No one who wants presence during a stressful, difficult, and emotional time should go without.

As your end-of-life doula, Virginia will guide you through the end-of-life process to empower you to make the most of your time and to live life to the fullest.

It is an honor to serve you and your loved ones till the last.

End -of -Life Doulas: The Role

Learn How Virginia Companions Her Patients Through Death


Written and produced by Maren Higbee

as featured in the story  “A doula coached her through her sister's death”

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